Expatriate Tax Consulting: The Era of Economy

As burgeoning transportation and communication technologies shrink the globe, more businesses are sending executives abroad. These firms, large and small, are discovering the necessity of expatriate tax and human resource services.

Stafford & Paulsworth specializes in international expatriate taxation and human resources issues and has assisted many companies with the development of expatriate programs. S&P is associated with a world-wide network of foreign consultants providing the highest level of up-to-date tax information and human resource planning for international assignments.

A Specalized Field

In the past, expatriate tax consulting has been available almost exclusively from large accounting firms. Although it is a specialized field, expatriate taxation represents just a small part of their firms' focus.

Now, firms in search of expatriate taxation expertise have an alternative to the big accounting firms: Stafford & Paulsworth. Since Stafford & Paulsworth specializes in expatriate tax consulting, we provide this service more economically and efficiently.

The Lower Price of Better Service

With large firms, expatriate consulting represents just one of many services offered. At Stafford & Paulsworth, we devote much of our time and energy to that discipline. Whatever your company's current fee arrangement, S&P's economies can translate into substantial savings for your business.

The Human Resource Advantage

It was while managing an in-house program for a premier information management company that the partners of S&P first realized they could bring something unique to the field of expatriate taxation.

In addition to providing technical tax compliance and consulting services, S&P can administer the Human Resource issues of your entire expatriate program in the multinational corporate environment.

The added value of providing Human Resource services within the expatriate area has become tremendously important since the passage of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Stafford & Paulsworth is proud of our 20-year relationship with Michael R. Losey, who brings to our firm the unique capability of providing Human Resource consulting as one of the top HR executives in the world. Through Mike and his vast network, we can provide solutions to all your international Human Resource consulting challenges.

What's more S&P has the flexibility to tailor its services to meet your needs. The firm can provide complete expatriate consulting and program services on an outsource basis, or it can act as a resource for your own internal expatriate administrative department.

Stafford & Paulsworth's offices in North Wales, just northwest of Philadelphia, offer easy access to many nearby cities. And, whenever necessary, all senior staff members can travel anywhere in the world. The firm's founders, Thomas Stafford and William Paulsworth, have extensive international travel experience and currently service expatriates in more than 30 foreign countries.

Consider the Alternative

Stafford & Paulsworth offers year-round attention for your expatriate tax program -- at a considerable cost savings over most firms offering this service.

If you would like to discuss your expatriate program, please contact us at (215) 646-2600. Or, fill out the form below.

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